The Business GRID

Linking KPIs to Actions

Aligning Employees to Business Objectives

You have rolled out a performance management system in your organisation or in the midst of doing so. That's fantastic but ....

Do your employees understand what the measurements really mean ? Do they know which levers to pull to move the numbers towards the right direction.

Books on Performance Management

At ProfitAbility, we design business simulations that replicate how your business works in real terms. A deep understanding of how, precisely, your business creates value is vital to a lasting and realistic experience that you can use over and over again as a core mechanism to rapidly align your people to implement your strategy.

It helps employees see the big picture on how their actions (and at times in-actions) connect to the performance of the company, make sense of the metrics and come together to deliver results.

The Best Model is Your Model

When it comes to solving business problems, we don’t start with workshops to teach you our model. We don’t think businesses need another training course, we need a new mechanism that allows people to figure out the answers for themselves and make the change their own.

We work with you to build the components of how your business works, your people do the assembly.

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We do Business Simulations

We are passionate about delivering work that sets our clients up for the long term, with a solution so good that it lasts. Our unique solutions are used by some of the world’s best companies year in, year out, because they have been designed with care, passion and accuracy, to truly reflect the reality of your business.

As one of our global clients puts it :

"Using this approach, we can “pressure test” new ways of working by bringing teams together, iterating and improving against a financial model that responds and adapts in a way that mirrors our business reality."

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Customisation for your Business and Industry

ProfitAbility has over the years developed over 100 simulations for various industries over the past 30 years. In addition, we can also customise the simulation to fit your internal business operations or desired learning outcomes. Some of the industries that we have developed simulations for include

Auto & Heavy Machinery Dealership | Banking (Retail, Commercial & Investment) | Construction | Generic Corporate or SME | Express Courier | FMCG | Hospitality & Retail | Hotel and F&B | Insurance | Legal | Logistics | Manufacturing | Pharma | Power & Utility | Professional Services | Telco | & many more.

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