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Business Acumen. Developing business-centric Managers. Business Acumen

Business Acumen

Business Acumen is the understanding of how a business makes money. It involves financial literacy which is the understading of the numbers on financial statements AS WELL AS an understanding of the strategies, decisions and actions that impact these numbers.

ProfitAbility designs business simulations that have often been described as a “mini MBA”. Many seasoned business professionals have been through this programme and said they learned more about strategy and finance and their impact on their business through the experiential nature of the simulation.

ProfitAbility has developed more than 100 simulations for various industries. These industries include
Digital Simulation , Generic , Manufacturing , Banking , Beverage , Auto & Heavy Machinery Dealership , Construction , Hotel , Hospitality & Retail , Legal , FMCG , Power & Utilities , Insurance , Pharma , Professional Services , Express Courier Services , Logistics Services , & many more.

Providing a clear line-of-sight between Actions & KPIs KPI Alignment

KPI Alignment

You have rolled out a performance management system or in the midst of rolling out one for your organisation. That's fantastic but do your employees understand what the measurements really mean ? Do they know which levers to pull to move the numbers towards the right direction.

At ProfitAbility, we design business simulations that replicate how your business works in real terms. A deep understanding of how, precisely, your business creates value is vital to a lasting and realistic experience that you can use over and over again as a core mechanism to rapidly align your people to implement your strategy. It helps employees see the big picture on how their actions (and at times in-actions) connect to the performance of the company, make sense of the metrics and come together to deliver results.

Breaking Down Silos. Aligning the Organisation Employee Alignment

Employee Alignment

According to a August 18 2015 article published in 'The Entrepreneur' entitled 'The 4 Levels of Organizational Alignment', there the four levels of organisational alignment that every company needs to build and maintain. They are

1. Employee-role alignment
2. Employee-goal alignment
3. Employee-team alignment
4. Employee-organization alignment

Organisations often have put in place the mechanics of the first three - that might include elements of job descriptions, coaching, performamce reviews and accountability frameworks. However, the employee-organisation alignment is a tougher nut to crack. According to the article, this requires employees to see beyond their individual and team work goals. Employees need to be able to have a clear line of sight between their roles and acotions to the organisations business and financial objectives.

Our simulations are designed to replicate as close as possible how your company works in real terms. It allows employees to experience first hand how their actions (and at times in-actions) connect to the performance of the company.

Connecting the dots between Business & Sustainability. Business & Social Responsibility

Business & Social Responsibility

Target Audience : Any employee directly influencing business & sustainability responsibilities, especially those with planning and budget responsibility.

Objective : Critically shows exactly how social values, employee engagement and business results feedback and reinforce one another. The simulation enables your people to absorb essential business and social value concepts and transfer them directly to their workplace in the form of changed plans and behaviour.

Each team is set up with business as usual around a core product range. They can take on new initiatives to grow their market share and address Business & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues. Quality and marketing spend drive success. The strength of their workforce drives quality. As they compete for business and resources in a crowded market they must balance the tradeoffs to satisfy THE THREE PS - People, Planet & Profit

Turning Around a Company in Crisis

Business Turnaround

Coming Soon ... In good times,(almost) anyone can lead a company but when in times of crises, it is a different ball game altogether.

The simulation puts participants in the shoes of a new management team that has been entrusted to turnaround the organisation in crisis. It gives participants hands-on experience in developing a plan of action when dealing with a company in distress and helps participants focus on some short-term performance improvement remedies that involves an analysis of short term cash flows requirements and to develop focused steps to improve the situation - all within the pressures of time.

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