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The Virtual Business Simulation

For the past 30 years, ProfitAbility Business Simulations Ltd, UK has designed customised board-based business simulations to develop business acumen amongst employees in various global organisations & industries. We now bring this tried and tested methodology to the online world with our visual-based online business simulation. Powered by the game play of the Corporate ProfitAbility business simulation, the programme simulates the workings of a company, complete with sales, marketing and financial operations.

The Virtual Session in Action

The virtual simulation is facilitated via Zoom or an equivalent platform that supports breakout rooms. Each team has access to their respective virtual boards and control of their respective business decisions.

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How it Works

Each participant is part of a small team, in a virtual competition with up to five other teams. Each team decides on which products and markets to invest in, which production methods to use, the level of capital investment, price and promotion policies, and how the business is to be financed. Participants learn how strategic decisions impact the business financials and how money moves through the business with every decision they make.

The goal is to outperform your competitors by creating more profit and value than them, while maintaining cash flow that is critical to the business. The virtual simulation can be tailored to run over 1 or 2 Days simulating up to 5 business cycles, interspersed with debriefings and optional case study discussions.

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The B-School Case Studies

Business Management Case Studies

To enhance the learning, Case Studies can be incorporated into the programme to learn about best practices and lessons of various companies. Case studies used are licensed versions from top Business Schools such as the Harvard Business School, INSEAD and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Learn more about our virtually faciliated Case Based Learning programme here.

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