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The case method of learning was pioneered by the faculty at the Harvard Business School. To make the most of the case-based learning approach, participants must read and reflect on the case literature prior to the programme.

There are no simple solutions. However, through interaction, exchanging perspectives and guidance from the facilitator, participants place themselves in the role of the decision maker and learn to analyse issues, exercise judgment and challenge assumptions.

How it Works

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B-School Case Studies

The case based learning approach is suitable for individual contributors and managers alike. The cases are categorized by topics typically found in B-School MBA programmes. Select the featured cases aligned to your desired learning outcomes or
contact us to design a customised curriculum.

To make the case based learning more interactive, facilitators include polls and quizzes to improve the learning experience. Participants use their smartphones to connect and respond to the presentation - after which aggregated results are visible in real-time to everyone.

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Featured Case

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General Motors and the Electric Car Revolution: Boom or Bust?

Main Category : Strategy

Sub Category : General Management, Disruption

B-School : Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario
Learning Outcomes
1. Analyze GM's business model relative to the newly evolving business model associated with the electric car industry
2. Understand what a disruptive business model is, and discuss whether the mass adoption of electric autonomous vehicles would disrupt the auto industry through the fundamental change to the industry's profit model
3. Discuss how incumbents like GM can change their business model in recation to disruptive ones.
4. Discuss the difficult qustion of what GM should do to survive the changes in the industry.

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